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Franchisee Community Advocate

Submissions for the 2024 Business Essentials FCA Excellence in Franchising Awards, Franchisee Community Advocate open 11 September 2023.

Application fee: $300 ex GST


Information for participating franchise systems

Award Definition

The award recognises a franchisee who is a champion community advocate within their district, demonstrating a willingness to share knowledge, support others, volunteer and act as a positive role model within their local area.


Open to an individual franchisee or a business partnership. The franchisee can own one or multiple franchise units. Entries must pertain to a single brand. Franchisees who operate a single unit in more than one brand are eligible to enter, but must declare which brand is being entered. All material, information and achievements must pertain solely to that brand.

To enter the awards you must be a financial FCA member, including at the time of the presentation of the awards.

Qualifying Period

The qualifying period is the 12 months immediately preceding opening date for entries. Click here to view the opening and closing dates for awards.

Benefits of participating in this award

  • Excellent exposure for your brand or business.
  • Represents you as being a leader in this area.
  • Helps identify specific things your business is doing well in its contribution to the community.
  • Stimulates new ideas and opportunities to improve your business’ involvement in the community.
  • Represents an enormous marketing opportunity for you to promote your business and its contribution to the community.
  • Builds pride amongst your team about who you are and the contributions you make.

Award Process

  1. Review the assessment criteria below to confirm that you are willing to respond to detailed questions in these areas. Awards submissions will be assessed against specific Awards questions that are available upon registering through the online Awards portal and paying the Awards application fee.
  2. For 2024, Regional Awards submissions will open in September 2023. Click here to view the opening and closing dates for awards.
  3. Register for the online Awards portal and pay the application fee. Your application fee goes toward covering the administration, marketing and assessment costs associated with the Awards.
  4. You will be sent a link to complete your online submission(s) containing a number of specific questions based on the areas of assessment below. No late submissions will be accepted.
  5. All submissions will be assessed by judges using predefined criteria to create a short-list of finalists. You will be kept informed of the status of your submission.
  6. State award winners of the Franchisee Community Advocate for NSW/ACT, QLD/NT, VIC/TAS, WA and SA will be announced at Regional Awards Presentations. The overall National winner will be announced at the Business Essentials FCA National Excellence in Franchising Awards on Tuesday 21 May 2024.

If you experience any technical issues, please email the awards team at:

Areas to be assessed

Community involvement, impact and inclusivity Your engagement in, and contribution to community groups. This includes such things as the community groups and initiatives you or your business has contributed to over the past 12 months as well as the outcomes and benefits to others from your involvement or contributions.
Leadership How you have inspired and influenced others to achieve worthwhile goals. This includes such things as your leadership beliefs and how you have put these into practice as well as how you have led others to achieve specific worthwhile goals.
Innovation Your innovative ideas and approaches that have benefited the franchise community. This could be demonstrated through the ability to solve problems and create new opportunities for growth and development.
Business performance This area measures success of the franchisee’s business. This could be demonstrated through metrics such as revenue growth, profitability, and customer retention.
Brand representation This area assesses your ability to drive engagement internally to support the cause.

NOTE: These areas of assessment are provided as general information only. Specific awards questions are available on the online Awards portal.

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