Franchise Council of Australia

Member Benefits


Membership of the FCA is voluntary, and open to any organisation or individual involved in the franchise sector, including franchisors, franchisees, lawyers, accountants, banks, consultants, academics, publishers – plus many others.

FCA membership is an essential component in creating and maintaining a successful franchising system, and members make a shared commitment to uphold the FCA’s member standards and maintain the good name of the franchising industry.

What does it mean to be a member of the FCA?

Credibility – maintained through the FCA member standards and the Franchising Code of Conduct;

Professional support and development – through education programs, networking opportunities and regular events;

Information – shared insights and experiences about what is happening in the sector, what sector leaders are thinking and doing, and new initiatives and opportunities that can help grow businesses; and

Representation – ensuring members’ voices are heard by governments, regulators, opinion-leaders and other important groups and individuals.

Franchisee Membership

Australia’s strong franchise sector is built on the success of nearly 100,000 franchised businesses. The FCA is here to support franchisees through providing education, information, representation and professional support essential to maintaining a successful franchising business.

Franchisee memberships are available for just $264 per financial year

Membership Categories

  • Franchisor (0-5 Outlets)
  • Franchisor (6-25 Outlets)
  • Franchisor (26-50 Outlets)
  • Franchisor (51+ Outlets)
  • Multi Brand Franchisor (0-50 Outlets)
  • Multi Brand Franchisor (51+ Outlets)
  • Master Franchisee
  • Corporate Advisor or Supplier (Multi State)
  • Corporate Advisor or Supplier (Single State)
  • Overseas**
  • Franchisee (1 – 5 Outlets)
  • Franchisee (6 + Outlets)


  • Representation of franchising sector perspectives to government and a voice in your association and the opportunity to have input into national policy
  • Networking and information opportunities at regular state-based and national events, including the annual National Franchise Convention
  • Education under the Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) program
  • Expert advisory support services
  • The credibility of FCA branding and a FCA website member directory listing
  • Eligibility to enter the Excellence in Franchising Awards
  • The Franchise Review magazine subscription
  • Free Employment Compliance hotline

Free introductory franchising course

The FCA is pleased to offer new franchisee or franchisor members one free pass (worth $395) to the Introduction to Franchising course.

Introduction to Franchising is held every three months in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and is essential training to learn the basics every potential & start-up franchisor & franchisee should know.

This free pass must be used within six months of a franchisee or franchisor member joining the FCA and is not transferable to a different education event, or transferable to another organisation.

Information about how to claim this offer will be provided to new franchisee and franchisor members upon joining the FCA.