Franchise Council of Australia

Certified Franchise Executive Program

The only internationally recognised professional accreditation program for franchise executives.

The mission of the CFE program is to enhance the professionalism of franchising by certifying the highest standards of quality training and education. This career development program offers existing and aspiring franchise professionals and entrepreneurs the opportunity to grow and reach a recognised standard of excellence within the local and international franchise community.

The CFE designation will be presented annually at the FCA’s National Franchise Convention to candidates who have completed all the CFE requirements.

In addition, candidates registered with the FCA who have completed their CFE requirements may also attend the IFA Annual Convention to be formally recognised during the IFA’s CFE Graduation ceremony.

CFE courses are available to FCA members online, at the FCA’s annual National Franchise Convention and by attending CFE approved courses/programs in both Australia and the US, eg at the IFA’s annual International Franchise Convention.

Who is eligible for the CFE?

Franchisors, franchisees, suppliers or educators actively engaged in franchising who have completed the necessary requirements of the program are eligible to receive the Certified Franchise Executive™ designation.

What is the enrolment process?

Interested individuals complete the CFE application form and return it to the FCA via

When completing the application it is important to note that some credits for Participation and Education curriculum may be claimed in the application for a period of approximately one year prior to the date of enrolment. (See Prior Learning)

The application will be reviewed and additional information may be requested if necessary.

Click here to download and complete the application form.

What is required in the application form?

The application documents your professional and educational background, achievements, and franchising leadership experience.

Candidates need to achieve a total of 3500 CFE credits to complete and apply for the CFE designation.

The program is divided among three areas:

  • Experience (500)
  • Participation (500)
  • Education Core (2500) includes online & classroom components course work.

Note: If work experience credits total less than 500, additional credits to make up the difference must be earned from Participation and Education core credits.

How do I apply for enrolment?

Click here to download the application form. The completed form must be submitted to

As a CFE applicant, you can earn up to 500 credits for your experience as a franchisor, franchisee or other professional including career/work experience and/or studies. A maximum of 500 credits can be applied in the experience category.

The balance of the 2500 education credits and 500 participation credits must be acquired through successful completion of CFE approved courses and by participating in approved FCA events and activities. Credits can be applied to participation and attendance in approved program completed within the last 2 years.

The CFE™ is not a credential based entirely on experience. It is weighted heavily toward continuing education.

Once a CFE enrolment application has been approved, candidates have three years from the date of enrolment to complete the program.

Enrolment Costs

The enrolment fee is:

  1. $595 inclusive of GST for FCA members; and
  2. $990.00 inclusive of GST for non-members

 Note: CFE course fees are additional and established by CFE approved course providers.

Candidates will be notified when they are approaching the end of their three years. If a candidate wishes to continue working towards certification, re-enrolment will be required with a fee of $275 inclusive of GST.

CFE candidates build expertise and collect CFE program credits via ongoing CFE approved education programs. Candidates need at least 3,500 credits to apply for the CFE designation.

The CFE program is divided into three core areas:

  • Education (minimum 2,500 core credits)
  • Participation (maximum 500 credits)
  • Experience (maximum 500 credits)

1. Education

You will be required to earn at least 2,500 credits through participation in CFE endorsed education, training and workshops (including online).

To explore all approved courses CLICK HERE.

To explore CFE Pathways that will be most relevant to your job role CLICK HERE.

Note: FCA approved education suppliers are required to make formal application through the FCA to secure CFE endorsement and credits for their short courses and other education programs. Contact for more information.

2. Participation

All CFE candidates must earn 500 credits by taking part in events/activities approved by the FCA. These include:

Approved FCA Events CFE Participation
FCA Board member or special interest committee Chair of the FCA 100
FCA National Convention session attendance 200
FCA National Convention Legal Symposium attendance 50
FCA roundtables, breakfasts and other industry events 25
(per event or as otherwise specified by the FCA)
Participation in FCA Franchise Industry Forums 50
FCA events – key note speaker engagements where written paper or notes have been produced and vetted 100
FCA National Convention session panelist 50
Volunteer positions of FCA State Chapter President, FCA Director or head of special interest group, eg Chair of Women in Franchising Volunteer Committee 100
Other approved local and international franchising conventions, exhibitions and shows 50
(or as otherwise specified by the FCA)

3. Experience

Finally, you can earn up to 500 credits for your past work or training experiences – as a franchisor, franchisee, consultant, accountant, lawyer, supplier or academic in any area that involves working with or for a franchise company.

When is the CFE designation granted?

The CFE designation will be presented annually at the FCA’s National Franchise Convention to candidates who have met the CFE program requirements.

In addition, candidates registered with the FCA who have completed their CFE and attend the IFA Annual Convention, will also be recognised during the International Franchise Convention’s CFE Graduation ceremony.

How do candidates receive updates of their credits?

When a candidate completes a program, he/she should email a copy of any certificate received at the conclusion of the program and/or any other documentation certifying their attendance to the

Credits status updates will be provided when candidates submit certificates of completion or attendance for any CFE approved courses or programs.

All CFE’s must renew their certification every three years from the date they are certified.

CFE’s must accumulate a total of 1200 credits during each three year renewal period to maintain their certification and can be accumulated as follows:

  1. Participation 500 credits (maximum)
  2. Education 400 credits by participating in Franchise Academy special sessions at the FCA National Franchise Conventions and CFE approved programs
  3. Experience – 300 credits (100 per year to max 300 credits)

CFE Graduates must keep a record of credits earned toward recertification and submit at time of recertification due date, along with Re-certification application and fee to

Note: If you do not confirm recertification by required deadline, you will lose your certification & designation as CFE. In order to recertify you must commence the CFE program from the beginning.

Recertification only requires you to remain active by attending FCA events, continue to work in the industry, and take at least one or two courses a year to secure 400 Education credits.

Franchise Council of Australia approved external education suppliers may apply to secure CFE credits for their specified courses and events.

To enquire about becoming a CFE Training Provider email