Franchise Council of Australia

Hall of Fame Eligibility Criteria

Nominations for the Hall of Fame for 2023 are open until 17 March  The 2023 Hall of Fame nomination form is available to download here.

The eligibility and evaluation criteria used by the Hall of Fame are set out below and should be address in any nomination.


An inductee must be a franchisor or franchisee or individual who has contributed significantly to the advancement of franchising and the Australian franchising community. Such contribution will have been made through developing successful franchising programs and innovative activities benefiting franchising. Representing the very best that the franchising community can offer.


Any person who is, has been, or, has held a senior management position, such as a founder, a CEO or any other person in the franchise community, who has contributed and played a significant role as:

(a) a franchisor
(b) a franchisee
(c) an academic, advisor or service provider

Evaluation criteria

  1. Candidates should have a proven and established record of accomplishment and achievement in franchising.
  2. Have a good reputation and enjoy the respect of other franchisors and franchisees.
  3. Have contributed significantly to the advancement of franchising and to the franchising community.
  4. Have built, or significantly contributed, to an organisation that has grown through successful and innovative franchising programs.
  5. Be a pioneer / legend in the industry and recognised for a lifetime of achievement in franchising.
  6. Have been involved in franchising within Australia for more than 15 years.
  7. Have given service within FCA Committees, Board of Directors, or State Chapters.
  8. A candidate may be retired or deceased.